Learning games for the public sector

Organisation and skills development

Since 2012, 80% of Danish municipalities, most of the Danish regions and a wide range of other public sector operators have been using our learning games.

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Below is an overview of our products for the public sector.

Eco Designer

Blended (print-your-self + free app)

Sprouting the roots of eco creators Imagine that your company has the task to reduce the environmental impact of its product while being in a hard competition on the market against other companies. Your task is to make your product as eco-friendly as possible while considering the changes in legislation, market share and customer preferences. [...]

Create Powerful Moments

Powerful tool to lift frontline staff

Life is a series of moments where some are so special and meaningful, that they stay with us forever. The game “Create Powerful Moments” is about learning to create those positive moments which we remember. Moments that create relationships, go beyond business and gives meaningful experiences. These moments are the consequences of a situation created by the people involved and the [...]

Change Navigator

Change management

Change Navigator is a game about change management for leaders that collaborate to achieve a successful change process. It can be used in both network and course contexts, and as a process tool in specific change projects. The game is case-based, allowing you to focus on either change in a private company, hospital or municipal [...]


A game about values

Values - The company's core CORE innovatively addresses the roll-out and anchoring of values and other strategic initiatives in companies and organisations. Values are often hard to incorporate in individual practice, and can quickly become trivial - instead of a valuable benchmark for the organisation. CORE communicates and anchors existing and new values for managers [...]


Innovation power

Wavemaker is a game about innovation power in organisations. Wavemaker© introduces participants to the latest research in the field, while the game trains them to use this knowledge in a simulated reality and together with others. The game anchors the learning points in the participants' own practice and the challenges they meet day to day. The [...]


Teamwork-based innovation

The public sector is demanding innovation, development and efficiency like never before. Resources are being cut, workload is growing - we have to think innovatively if we are to meet this challenge. The research project CLIPS has shown that cross-disciplinary co-operations strengthen innovation projects when it comes to idea richness, idea development, implementation and distribution. [...]

Concept Captain

Development tool

Concept Captain is a mix between a game and a development tool. Use it to develop ideas or to sharpen existing concepts in experiences and the experience economy. Concept Captain is designed to work with your own case studies, concepts and challenges. But you can also use it to learn about experience economy and to [...]


Idea development tool

SCAMPERtool© is the ultimate idea development tool - and is a handy pocket-size. The tool is a fan with 36 development challenges for your product, service or business procedures. In short, SCAMPERtool© is a fast way of providing new angles to your problem. The tool was developed based on Bob Eberle's ground-breaking work on innovation [...]

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