Our focus

We make original games from scratch through our well-tested co-creation process, where impact is the focus.  We have been using this method for many years now, and we have taught future learning game developers about it on leading higher education courses.

We have worked with many different challenges over the years and take pride in using the unique learning game language in the best way possible.

We help with development, finish or producing game concepts. This also includes new scenarios or cases for existing games.

  • Scope

    We clarify the scope of the learning game, clearly defining the target group, user context, learning objective etc. in a document. 
  • Concept

    We develop the concept in an iterative process together with you through a set structure that involves a series of open and closed workshops, until we have a mock-up of the game.
  • Production

    We develop the game with design, prototypes, internal testing and user involvement for an almost finished game. 
  • Completion

    We conduct the final test and make adjustments. We prepare the instructions and the finished game is printed.


Below are some case studies from customer projects we have completed over the years.

Eco Designer

Blended (print-your-self + free app)

Sprouting the roots of eco creators Imagine that your company has the task to reduce the environmental impact of its product while being in a hard competition on the market against other companies. Your task is to make your product as eco-friendly as possible while considering the changes in legislation, market share and customer preferences. [...]


DI and Ulandssekretariatet

A game about Social Dialogue. In this game you play a company trying to do well in a difficult world. The game is customised for DAPP’s programme, where people in the developing countries gain knowledge about the benefits of Social Dialogue on the labour market. The objective of the game is to create the best possible [...]

Follow the Fish


Follow the Fish is a game about values, which was developed to get managers and employees to quickly understand current or new values in their workplace, across departments and for gathering feedback from those who need to follow the values. In Follow the Fish, employees are challenged to put the values into play based on [...]


On the Agenda

Mosaic® was developed for organizations of all types to build greater understanding of inclusive leadership. It can be played by leaders at any level.  A “Serious Game”, Mosaic uses gender as a natural starting point to encourage participants to discuss and reflect on the meaning and practice of inclusive leadership. Players grapple with dilemmas drawn [...]


Maersk Supply Services

Mobilizing game is a learning game developed specifically for Maersk Supply Service. Maersk Supply Services struggled to communicate and anchor a new strategy, and decided to use a board game as the solution. One of the biggest challenges was to ensure teamwork and mutual understanding for the individual departments' contribution to the value creation and [...]

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