”I must admit that I was a bit skeptical before we started playing. I was afraid it would be dull and very far from real life and from the actual problems that we face in our daily jobs. But I was proved wrong. The game and the problems introduced to us were very close to the challenges that we face every day at the office in Lyngby.”


”We've played Policy Maker in a group of politicians, executives and managers . Everyone had a feeling that the game presented them with authentic real life dilemmas , where the decisions that were taken had an impact on the outcome. It was a good way to spark a debate about how we work with policy development and citizen involvement. I highly recommend using Policy Maker , both as inspiration for how to work with policy development, but also as a contribution to the social life of the local council ."

Albertslund municipality

”At AOF in Copenhagen, we have twice developed games with Gametools. Gametools handled the development process very professionally , creatively and effectively in a manner in which all stakeholders were able to contribute to the development. The two games met our specific needs and gave great value to us in the form of profiling AOF as an innovative organization. We can definitely recommend Gametools as one of our partners.”

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