Values – The company’s core
CORE innovatively addresses the roll-out and anchoring of values and other strategic initiatives in companies and organisations. Values are often hard to incorporate in individual practice, and can quickly become trivial – instead of a valuable benchmark for the organisation. CORE communicates and anchors existing and new values for managers and employees across the organisation. The game collects feedback for subsequent analysis and implementation.

The challenge: Everyday values
Many companies have a set of values, but is the individual employee aware of these values and how they are interpreted in the organisation? To relate to and follow the set of values, these should be firmly incorporated in the organisation and in the individual employee’s working day. An organisation’s values can be viewed differently depending on where you are. Interpreting those values could change depending on where you are in the organisation. The game taps into this diversity and uses it as a strength. The game gives the organisation a chance to communicate, as well as a common language around values.

The game
CORE is an engaging, fun and effective way to address values, and is easily adapted to different organisations. The game is designed for all companies and organisations that are either in the process of rolling out new values or strategies, or who lack ways to incorporate them on an individual level. in CORE you play with your colleagues under timed conditions and have to link the values to your reality. The values are introduced and demystified for the employees, and employees can apply their own silent knowledge in the game. The game is easy to learn and takes just 2 minutes to explain. No existing knowledge about games or further facilitation is required.

The result
CORE is a game that gets employees talking and reflecting about the values and, more importantly, engages them to understand the values so that the organisation can ensure that all their employees actively incorporate them in a way that benefits everyone. CORE facilitates and retains the best suggestions from employees around specific actions in the working day. Core is a tool that enables the organisation to retain and follow its values in practice.

What is your CORE?
It’s easy to get your own version of CORE in 5 simple steps:

  1. Co-creation workshop together with you where we discuss your values and prepare you for creating content.
  2. You deliver content in the form of stories and interpretations of your values and other.
  3. We work with the content and send you a first draft of our suggestions for the cards.
  4. You provide feedback and we set up the graphics.
  5. The game is proofed and approved by you.

We handle the printing process and deliver all games to you at a desired address.


Number of players: 3-6 per game.
Game duration: 90 min.
Target group: Employees and managers
Certification: No
Facilitation: No
Language: Everyone
Tailored to your company: Yes, please contact us


If you would like a price for developing your own value game, please contact us here. You’re also welcome to contact us if you have any other questions. - CORE is designed for all companies and organisations