Concept Captain

Concept Captain is a mix between a game and a development tool. Use it to develop ideas or to sharpen existing concepts in experiences and the experience economy.

Concept Captain is designed to work with your own case studies, concepts and challenges. But you can also use it to learn about experience economy and to train idea development.

The Concept Captain provides an environment for you to test and develop specific concepts – and to prioritise them against one another. Each space on the board is an obstacle that drives the discussion and questions the relative strengths and weaknesses of the concept. Some might not pass, while others will be developed and cross the finish line stronger than before.

Remember that Concept Captain functions both as a point of discussion and as a tool. It has a modular design, which means it is different each time you play. It is up to you – the players – to choose how the course should look.


Number of players: 4-6
Game duration: 2 timer
Target group: Teachers, entrepreneurs, managers, marketers, developers, technicians, researchers consultants etc.
Cases: x 1.
Certification: NO
Facilitation: Yes
Knowledge partner:: Invio
Language: Dansk
Tailored to your company: Yes, please contact us


Game incl. 1 case:  1.250 EUR
(all prices excl. VAT and delivery)
//10% discount per subsequent game. - Concept Captain is a mix between a game and a development tool